Why the Women's Interchange?

I'm not big on using social media. To be honest, I can't seem to keep up with latest platforms and trends. But I do know that reliable information isn't always easy to Google. If anything, we all know what people say about relying on "Dr Google!"

I also know that at times, women do want to share information, experiences, and thoughts, especially with others who might have something in common with them.

So this is what this Interchange is about. It's a place where I want to share things which interest me and that I think might interest the visitor to this site. But it isn't limited to me, I would like all who visit to feel free to participate. Topics will naturally revolve around breast health, but they need not be limited to topics about breasts.

A few guidelines I hope we can all observe:

  1. All posts are not meant to be interpreted as medical advice. If you need medical advice, please speak with your family doctor.

  2. Please feel free to use a nickname, instead of your real name if you comment.

  3. Please keep comments respectful and considerate for all readers.

Welcome to the Women's Interchange!

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