Your First Appointment
A meaningful first appointment with your surgeon is one where:
  1. Your health is thoroughly discussed, especially the specifics of your illness.
  2. Your questions and concerns are addressed.
  3. Your priorities are highlighted and understood by your surgeon.
  4. Suitable treatment alternatives are laid out, with risks and benefits highlighted.
  5. You leave the appointment with the relevant information that enables you to make a decision on how you want to proceed with treatment.
An appointment typically flows like this:
1. Medical history and test results are discussed
2. Physical examination conducted by the surgeon
3. Discussion of concerns, questions, and priorities
4. Discussion of treatment alternatives (including benefits and risks)
After your first appointment, you may decide if you want to proceed with treatment with the surgeon, or spend more time to think about it. As this may be an anxious time for you, we recommend you invite your spouse or a close family member or friend to accompany you to the appointment. They can be a good source of support during this time, and can take notes on items discussed with the surgeon.

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