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Specialist Breast Surgeon?
Sydney Oncoplastic Surgery offers the very highest level of care to patients through the medical expertise of Dr Eva Nagy, our principal Consultant Breast Surgeon. We provide treatment for breast cancer, as well as other breast conditions.
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Dr Eva Nagy is one of Sydney’s leading Breast Surgeons, having comprehensively trained in advanced breast cancer surgery techniques in Australia and the United Kingdom. Her strong expertise in breast conserving surgery allows her to safely remove sizeable cancers without the need to perform a mastectomy. Paired with her capabilities in reconstruction, our patients are often offered alternatives that allow them to avoid mastectomies and still have acceptable cosmetic results from surgery.
Where a mastectomy is unavoidable, Dr Nagy's familiarity with reconstructive techniques often allows her to perform both mastectomy and reconstruction in one surgery.
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"My patients do best when they are actively engaged in the discussions and decisions around their treatment. So I take the time to discuss all appropriate treatment alternatives, put forward my recommendation, and then encourage them to make the choice they feel is best for themselves."
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In addition to breast cancer surgery, Dr Nagy is highly proficient in surgeries for benign breast conditions.
These include breast reduction surgery, breast explant (implant removal) surgery, breast lifts, corrective breast surgery, and correction of inverted nipples.
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