Sydney Oncoplastic Surgery offers the very highest level of care to patients through the medical expertise of Dr Eva Nagy, our principal Consultant Breast Surgeon. We provide treatment for breast cancer, as well as other breast conditions.
"My patients do best when they are actively engaged in the discussions and decisions around their treatment. So I take the time to discuss all appropriate treatment alternatives, put forward my recommendation, and then encourage them to make the choice they feel is best for themselves."
Dr Eva Nagy is one of Sydney’s leading Breast Surgeons. While she provides treatment to women with various benign breast conditions, one of her current professional interests involves the use of advanced surgical techniques to maximise a cancer patient’s chances of safely avoiding the need for a mastectomy. Where possible, she much prefers the use of breast-conserving surgery. As a Breast Cancer Surgeon, she also emphasises the importance of physical, psychological, and emotional well-being during and after treatment.