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Breast Reduction for Macromastia-Associated Pain
Macromastia is the condition of having disproportionately large breasts. It is common for women with large breasts to experience discomfort or pain due to the weight of their breasts. Pain may be experienced in their shoulders, neck, or back. This chronic pain may lead to other discomfort such as headaches. Indentations in the shoulders from the bra straps are also commonly experienced.​
A breast reduction may relieve some or all of the pain associated with large breasts and improve overall quality of life. The nipples are also usually repositioned, and this surgery typically results in smaller lifted breasts. In most cases of macromastia-associated pain, a breast reduction is indicated and is eligible for a Medicare rebate.
Neck pain.jpg
Patients considering a breast reduction should speak with a surgeon to determine if this is appropriate for them. During the consultation, Dr Nagy will be able to provide more information on the procedure, as well as results that patients may come to expect from this treatment.
Example of appearance before breast reduction surgery
Example of appearance after breast reduction surgery. Results may vary across patients
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