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About Us
Sydney Oncoplastic Surgery was established with a simple aim: to provide the very best surgical care to every single one of our patients.
While the primary goal is always to safely remove cancers and help you towards a cancer-free status, we appreciate that other aspects of care are also important. These include any uncertainty and discomfort you may experience, as well as the desire for an outcome that is aesthetically acceptable. Addressing these aspects guides our approach to your care.
Ensuring that you receive the most appropriate form of treatment is essential to us, but only possible if we have the full breadth and depth of surgical expertise to ensure the right alternative can be offered and performed. Our principal Breast Surgeon, Dr Eva Nagy, is well-versed in both cancer removal and breast reconstruction surgery. A specialty of hers involves the removal of moderately large cancers (leaving the remainder of the breast in place) and the reconstructive procedures to help restore the appearance of the breast. Patients who are able to undergo this are spared from mastectomies.
In addition to surgery, breast cancer treatment involves specialists in other medical disciplines, including radiology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, and pathology. We work closely with  multidisciplinary teams in our endeavour to achieve the best outcomes for you.
Read more on Dr Eva Nagy, our surgeon, here.
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