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Corrective Breast Surgery
There are significant differences in the nature of cancer that patients experience, ranging from the nature of the cancer itself, to the way their bodies respond to treatment and recovery.
In some circumstances, patients may not undergo reconstruction after breast cancer surgery, resulting in less-than-ideal appearances in the breasts. At other times, initial reconstruction surgery might not achieve the desired outcomes. And still at other times, the patients' bodies might respond in a negative way over time to reconstruction, resulting in poor appearances or even pain.
In many of these situations, corrective surgery may be considered with the aim of restoring a more natural and pleasing appearance to the breasts. This may involve a number of surgical techniques, including mammoplasty to restore symmetry between the breasts, removal of thickened capsule around an implant, switching implants out for a DIEP-reconstructed breast, or even just fat-grafting to smooth out uneven contours.
A thorough discussion with the surgeon will help a patient to understand the alternatives that are available to improve the outcome for the patient.
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