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RACGP CPD Accreditation
Topic: Breast Surgery Today: Saving Life & Breast
Activity ID: 194216
CPD Points: 3
Education Provider: HighHeal (
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A copy of the presentation slides can be found here for your reference.
Knowledge Review
Breast cancer affects 1 in X women before the age of 85.
Currently the 5-year survival rate for early breast cancer is approximately [ ].
If a breast cancer is small and found in one location, [ ] may be performed in place of a mastectomy.
When combined with radiotherapy, recurrence risk of breast conserving surgery is no worse than that of a mastectomy.
Although the recovery time of implant-based reconstruction is shorter than that of autologous reconstruction, their risks/disadvantages include: (select the wrong answer)
Breast conserving surgery (or lumpectomies) are increasingly being used for breast cancer in place of mastectomies (where possible) because:
Without advanced reconstruction techniques (mammoplasty, chest wall perforator flaps), breast conserving surgery would be limited to patients with cancers that range up to [ ] in size of the entire breast. With those advanced techniques, breast conserving surgery can be safely performed for cancers up to [ ] in size of the entire breast
Which of the following patient cases would not be recommended to go for neoadjuvant chemotherapy?
Which of the following statements about neoadjuvant chemotherapy is FALSE?
Degree to which this learning outcome was met: Support patients diagnosed with breast cancer using practical advice on current management:
Degree to which this learning outcome was met: List survival facts and figures to share with our patients:
Degree to which this learning outcome was met: Explain the benefits and limitations of available management options in surgery, systemic and cosmetic therapies:
Rate the degree to which your learning needs were met:
Rate the degree to which the activity is relevant to your practice:
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