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Breast Implants: Friend or Foe?

The use of breast implants by women for cosmetic and reconstructive purposes, continues to grow globally. While many experts assert the inherent safety of breast implants, there remain risks of complications with breast implants.

In this webinar, Dr Eva Nagy will explore the use of breast implants by women with different needs. She discusses the situations where the use of breast implants are commonly appropriate, and details the risks that are inherent with breast implants. This will be followed by a more in-depth investigation into the problems that she commonly sees in her patients who have implants, including an emerging trend of poorly-understood systemic symptoms commonly called Breast Implant Illness. Finally, Dr Nagy will discuss the process of breast implant removal ("explant"), where they are appropriate, and common results she sees in her patients after explant surgery. The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session with the audience.

The session detailed below is a repeat webinar of the one held on 16 August 2021.

Webinar Details
Date: 28 August 2021
Time: 10.00AM to 11.15AM (AEST)
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Disclaimer: This webinar is conducted for general information purposes only. It is not intended as medical advice. Viewers are advised to speak with their family doctor on matters related to their own health.
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